Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday is the New Thursday

In the midst of my crazy-person schedule, I failed to realize that today, December 22, is basically my Thursday of this week. Excited? I think so!

Lunch today is leftovers from last night, a Stoneyfield Farm Chocolate Underground yogurt, and some leftover carrots and broccoli I swiped from the work kitchen from Festivus.

In the midst of taking a picture of the chili with a couple Fritos on it, Keira proceeded to knock about half of the chips and the floor, where she and Bunker devoured them all in about 1.3 seconds. Oops!

This yogurt is phenomenal! It's definitely hitting the sweet tooth today.

And hurray for a few veggies!

As for the rest of the day, Nate and I are in freak-out mode about getting everything done that we'd like to accomplish before leaving town. At least I found this great recipe on Tina's website for a quick version of lasagna, which is what we'll be partaking in tonight for dinner! Then it's going to be a mad rush of laundry, cleaning, packing, and planning to get ready to leave on Thursday!

Question: What is your favorite Christmas treat? I'm trying to come up with an idea for a good Christmas goodie to make for the office tomorrow!


  1. My favorite Christmas treat is the Italian cream cheese cake that my mom picks up every year. I think it's available all of the time, but we only splurge on it for Christmas; that makes it so much better.

  2. My fav Xmas treat is potato candy, my g-ma makes it every year. Horribly sweet, but oh so good.

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