Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Soul Sister

Check out my new favorite song here!

Sorry, I totally ran out of time yesterday to blog about dinner on Friday night! We had Chicken Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper, and Fresh Mozzarella Calzones (adapted from this recipe) and an organic salad with homemade baked croutons:

At Whole Foods I got this guy for dessert:

But it turned out Nate just wanted chocolate chip cookies:

I'm telling you, this altitude thing is KILLING me with cookies. I can bake anything else in the entire world - cakes, brownies, tarts, pies, an endless assortment of bars - but the cookies won't work even when I use high-altitude recipes! Yeesh!

Anyway, yesterday morning I made banana oatmeal for Nate and myself. I added some brown sugar and about 1.5 Tbsp of strawberry preserves (hey, it's Saturday!). Honestly, it was WAY too sweet for my taste, but I ate it anyway. We may have both eaten a chocolate chip cookie, but I can neither confirm nor deny that!

Afterwards, we took the dogs out with our friend Amy and her dog Levi and did our Christmas card pictures in Eldorado Canyon. There was still a TON of snow on the ground, and we hiked through it to get to a great view of Bear Peak. I'll tell you, hiking through snow is a bit of a workout! We did the pictures quickly - turns out labs have the attention span of a 2 year old - and ended up kinda sliding our way back down the hill to the trail! I will say that I am a HUGE fan of the Boulder voice and sight control thing, because it wore Bunker out sprinting around with Levi up and down the snow-covered hills!

When we got back home, I tried my best to clean up the house a little, and we headed back out again to do family portraits for an organization called the Safehouse. Our church has been partnering with them on several things this year, but doing these pictures blessed my heart more than I can say. These families have been through a LOT, but they were so happy to have their pictures taken. I loved being a part of it! On a side note, my friend Jonah is doing a concert on Tuesday at the Boulder Theatre to help raise money for the Safehouse families, so if you're in the Boulder/Denver area you should come and support this effort! Jonah is a PHENOMENAL musician, and the concert is going to be a BLAST!

Last night for dinner we had chicken quesadillas with red bell pepper, onions, guac, and fresh salsa:

I love me some Mexican food!

I also baked some break-off cookies for church in the AM:

I usually try to do something homemade - a coffee cake or something - but being without flour was preventing me from doing that on this fine occasion!

We might've fallen asleep at 7 on the couch...too bad that's not an isolated incident! I did manage to get up and prep some of Jenna's Overnight Oats for the morning!

And now that brings us to today! I'm eating said overnight oats at the moment, and honestly I'm not the biggest fan. HOWEVER, I'm 99.9% sure that it's because I don't have any bananas, so it just feels like I'm eating cold flavorless oatmeal (which I am), so I'm going to try this again when I have some fresh fruit to cut into it. If it's something I like then (which I'm sure I will), then this might solve my summer-oatmeal dilemma!

I'm off to get ready for church and then get ready to do some more Christmas card photos with Nate! Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday, and I'll be blogging about lunch/dinner later on (but this time I'll really do it :)

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  1. your calzones and quesadillas look phenominal!!! i've never made calzones before but would love to try. can't wait to see how yours and amy's pictures turned out! it was cool hanging out with you and nate while you took the pictures for the Safehouse touched my heart big time too. :)
    see you soon!