Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A New Tomorrow

thanks to Josh Cook for this rockin' picture of me and the sweetie!

This fall has been one of those times of deep, reflective thinking, and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to change the direction of this blog. This started as a way for me to convey to others my love of food; however, it feels too impersonal and distant. I don’t feel that the current set-up allows me to express my likes, dislikes, joy, and overall pure enjoyment of life. Food affects every single one of us on a daily basis, and my desire is to create an honest environment where my daily love of food and wellness is emptied out for the general public!

I want this blog to be honest and true to me as a person. I want it to show the humor in my life (cause let’s face it, there’s a LOT!), and I want it to be a place where others can find support and love. I want to be REAL about the struggles associated with living a full and happy life in the midst of a society still trying to find itself. I’ve struggled so long with food (in every sense of the word), and if my story of finding my perfect balance can inspire someone else, that would be fantastic. Until then, you’ll likely be subjected to my ramblings of the day to day!

P.S. please leave comments if you dare! :)

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  1. you go, girl! looking forward to your posts! :)