Monday, December 14, 2009

Mulligan Please?

Hey there! know that squash I was so excited about? The squash that I stayed up late last night roasting to heavenly squash perfection with JUST THE RIGHT amount of olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper? Yes, that squash. That squash today was a mushy mess with a dry, flavorless rind. Was I slightly disappointed? Perhaps. At least it looked pretty though!

After the initial 5-minute pout session on the yucky squash, I proceeded to wash out my bowl and fill it with whole wheat spaghetti, leftover roasted red pepper and red onion, about 1/4 roast chicken, and topped it with this great organic heirloom tomato sauce. Good thing Nate asked me to bring him this for lunch and I made a whole other helping, otherwise I would have been up a creek until 3!

Some pics of the puppers I took during a quick break:

On my actual lunch break, I was so excited to do a little Christmas shopping, and ended the hour at Whole Foods to try out one of the Rush Bowls (Acai Au Lait to be exact) I read about on Kath's blog this morning. The girl wasn't kidding when she said it was delicious! A little pricey, yes, but definitely a treat for every now and then that I can feel good about!

Well, Nate and I are off to a volunteer appreciation thing at our church, but there are sure to be quite a few food pics (and hopefully some good beer pics too!) coming for tomorrow morning's blog! Y'all have a good night!

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  1. Beautiful photos of the pups!

    I've got to the RUSH - looks great!