Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big 50

Afternoon y'all :)

Today I hit the 50 blog post mark, which is crazy! It just feels like I started doing this yesterday because I have so much fun doing it. Hopefully me sharing my crazy life helps someone else even a little bit :)

Last night when I walked into our room, and found Keira curled up atop all of the pillows:

I thought it was pretty cute and thought I should share :)

This morning I woke up in time to partake in some coffee, so I had a big cup of it along with a large cup of water:

Then I helped Nate make a breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, ham, scrambled egg whites, and some reduced fat Monterey Jack:

And I made a (stealing this from Kath) Hugh Jass bowl of oatmeal:

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 milk, 1 Tbsp dried cranberries, 1 Tbsp Bob's Red Mill Golden Flax, some vanilla, and 1/4 cup of pumpkin, stirred in at the end. It was delicious and satisfying!

We went to a strip mall and walked around all of the stores for a couple of hours. Nate and I picked up a make-your-own 6-pack...honestly, right now I don't recall what we got (oops), but I'll be blogging about them later :) We also got a couple of bottles of wine, but again, I'll have to let y'all in on that later tonight!

We stopped at Starbucks, where I picked up this Mango Macadamia Bar to split with everyone:

My parents and Nate got hot coffee:

And I got an iced black tea! I know it's snowing, but this is just what sounded good to me :) I like to get mine with no syrup and no water, with 2 Sweet N Low (yes, chemicals, but I don't get them except a couple times a year)

Upon getting home, I went for a 2 mile run while my parents made turkey sloppy joes, clementines, pears, and some chips and salsa:

This is just roasted turkey mixed with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce:

We served them on those half-bun things with pickles (LOVE pickles), extra sauce, and the fruit and chips on the side:

It's a cold, rainy/snowy Tuesday here in the LBK, and we are snuggled up inside for some football, homemade minestrone soup (get ready for the pics in a few!), and perhaps some movies later on. I'm loving that I'm able to do that on a cold wet day...thank goodness for vacation!

Question: What's your absolute favorite thing to do on a cold, wet day?

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