Monday, December 28, 2009

Made it on Time!

Hi guys!

How's it going?

I'm so glad that Nate is back, I really miss him when he's gone :(

We got back from the airport to eat lunch at the house. I had about half of this leftover brown rice:

The leftover half of this sweet potato from Christmas, with about a tsp of Smart Balance:

Plus 2 clementines :) I wanted to eat one of these pears too, but I was just too full since I had just eaten breakfast:

We went shopping for a couple hours, then came back to just relax for the afternoon. I am LOVING this whole relaxing all day thing...why do I not do this regularly again? Oh yes, I have a job :) After sitting and watching Bonanza for a few episodes and forwarding some work emails, I decided it was high time for some coffee. I had it served in this TOTALLY AWESOME Texas Tech mug that we've had as long as I can remember:

The rockin' mug made the coffee taste that much better. I sat down and read a couple of chapters of Bird by Bird, a book I first saw on Ashley's blog. It's basically a book about how to write about life in a fun and entertaining way. It's a funny book, and I'm really enjoying it!

So to be honest, I've been having a hard time today with not working out. I've done something to my left quad, and it hurts a LOT to run. It's like there's a knife being stabbed into the left side of my left quad every time I take a step. NOT FUN. So today I decided to not go jogging, and did about 40 minutes of yoga instead. I just feel like I haven't done anything too hard though, and it's making it really hard to actually rest today. I think this is all part of the healing process, but it's certainly not easy!

We're off to go check out West Crust Pizza, which is supposed to be amazing! Can't wait to share the pics in a bit!

Question: How do you assure yourself that resting is OK, and that you won't get "fat" from taking a day off to heal?


  1. Hah I suck at rest days too. I wish I had good advice to give you!

  2. I read Bird by Bird this summer, and really enjoyed it. My mom always gives me books about writing; is that a hint?