Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smiling's My Favorite

OK, confession, here it is: I LOVE THE MOVIE ELF. I've love it since the day I first saw it and there's no turning back. Go watch it and love your life.

Lunch after church today was Quizno's with Nate. I had a Sonoma Flatbread sandwich and a small Honey Mustard Chicken salad...YUMMY!

This afternoon we had the pleasure of doing some Christmas card photos for a co-worker and his wife in downtown Denver. Afterwards we went to Cherry Creek and at dinner at Kona Grill...hurray for date nights!

First I had something called Jeff's Drink (?) Basically a mix of fruit juices and some vodka...mmmmm!

Next course was potstickers in a delicious wine-soy sauce:

Next, we got to have SUSHI ROLLS! An Atlantic Roll, a Spicy Yellowtail Roll, and a Wave Roll:

And, holy moly, to top it off we had Passion Fruit Creme Brulee:

Believe it or not, this was my first time to try creme brulee, and I was not disappointed! Pretty sure I'll be trying this recipe at home, and Nate's stoked because he might get to use a blowtorch!

Also, got some great news from my friend Emma regarding the cookie fiasco that is high altitude: she's got a recipe that works, and a great little trick to keep 'em holding their shape! Tomorrow's lunch is some great kabocha squash and maybe some brussels sprouts if I'm lucky ;)

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