Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Packin'


We still have to pack, clean, and make roadtrip CDs. Oh yeah, and also sleep. Yikes!

Here's a picture of the treats I made for work today:

It's sugar cookie bars (MUCH less time consuming than individual cookies) with pink icing (it was supposed to be red, but I couldn't bring myself to add more food coloring). Get the recipe here, but I used Triple Sec instead of milk :)

Mid-morning snack/first half of lunch was a couple leftover raviolis from dinner last night:

I made sure to use the fancy tupperware for this one!

And a little picture of Jasper, one of our friend's dogs:

He's a 5-month old Vizla, and he's Keira's boyfriend :) Yes, my dog has a boyfriend!

And the other half of lunch was a Chicken Ranch wrap thing from Lean Cuisine:

It was snowy and cold all afternoon. I'm lucky to have an office with a window, but I will say that snowy days make me soooo sleepy. It's just so pretty and peaceful and, well, cold. Just makes me want to curl up with Nate and the pups and watch a movie (which will inevitably lead to a nap)! Here's the view outside of my work window sans the cars:

Getting home today was a beast too! We were going to pick up the Jeep (our 4-wheel drive vehicle) in my Corolla, and that car is NOT built for slippery roads! An hour and a half later, we arrived home. Again, just trying to use what we have on hand, I had to improvise. And yet again, we didn't have any veggies, so all we had was chicken and some homemade mac and cheese. Honestly I can tell the difference when we don't eat well, but I figure we're about to have a very healthful week and a half with my family!

Another view:

And for dessert we each had a cookie from our package of Honolulu Cookie Company cookies. One was dark chocolate coconut, and the other was white chocolate:

I'm off to pack up my life for a trip! Hope tonight is a fun one for y'all!

Question: What's your favorite food blog (other than your own :) ?


  1. that lean cusisine meal is too good for words!! and those cookies look delicious!!

  2. My favorite food blog is eat live run. I'm a little bit obsessed with Jenna's adventures in California. It's every healthy young girl's dream!