Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Boulder Creek December Adventure

Good evening!

First of all, I can't believe I didn't freak out and blog about my first issue of Bon Appetit coming in the mail today! My friend Stef gets this magazine, and if nothing else it's got breathtaking photography, but luckily it also has fantastic recipes as well. I already get Eating Well, and it's the highlight of my month of mail, so it's nice to get another one too!

Man, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the hardest days of the week, I'm tellin' you! Mondays you get jerked awake to the reality that is having a full-time job and an overtime social schedule, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days that are jam-packed, but you have all of Monday to think about what you have to do! Make sense?

Anyway, today's lunch was very similar to yesterday's - same pasta, same sauce, but instead of leftover roast chicken, we had chicken sausage leftover from the calzone we made on Friday. It was really good, and really filling!

I might've also eaten 2 mini squares of the baby Chocolove bar I got yesterday...oops!

On my lunch hour (I normally eat at lunchtime, then take my hour off to go run errands or work out) I decided that the snow and ice had melted enough for me to be comfortable walking on the bike path again. I took the camera and just played with the daylight that was left:


It's so funny to look at these pictures now, because if I had done them a month ago the trees and ground would have been ALIVE with the colors of fall: oranges, reds, yellows, deep purples, and the remnants of green. Now it's all dead and it feels very supernatural, but I know that, come Spring, this exact same trail will be full of color and life, the creek with thaw and start rushing again, and I'll be able to hear a dog swimming every time I walk or run :) I love seasons!

Tonight is the Jonah Werner and Trace Bundy concert at the Boulder Theater, and I'm pretty stoked to go! Jonah is an amazing musician and performer, and the last time I heard Trace play it was incredible. PLUS the proceeds go to benefit the Boulder Safehouse, which is definitely near and dear to my heart.

Tonight's dinner was a stop at Panera Bread. Their stupid advertising sure did me in as I got the pick 2 with mac 'n' cheese and a chicken panini! Have I had too much white bread today? Probably. Overdone it with the pasta? Perhaps. Am I sorry? HECK NO! Just means tomorrow will be a little less of those things and more veggies!

Finally, it's looking like another late night for this one; I still have several files of notes to go through and write. Good thing I get to hear my friend Stephanie say them though! Always brings a smile to my face :)

I'm thinking in the morning, before my Breakfast Cookie, I'm going to do some yoga per Jenna's post today. I love yoga, and I've never felt so limber (duh) and comfortable in my body as when I'm practicing. Besides, the leg workout I've been doing isn't my fave, so I gotta figure out what to do to supplement that anyway.

Hope you all have a wonder December evening! I'll be posting some pictures Nate took from tonight's concert along with the usual tomorrow!

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