Monday, January 4, 2010

Work = Not As Fun As Vacation

Well hello again :)

Took me long enough to get back on here and get my act together, eh? It feels like I haven't blogged in forever, and the number of pictures is overwhelming!

Last time I left y'all, I was about to eat a piece of pecan pie on New Year's day with my family. Well folks, here is a slice of masterpiece at it's finest!

I swear my mom makes the best.pecan.pie.ever. There, I said it, no take-backs! The next morning I finished up the blackberries I thawed out and mashed them up in my oatmeal, and topped it with some dark chocolate chips:

It was OK, but the chocolate is what made it. I'm not the biggest fan of blackberries because their seeds HURT if you bite down on it wrong!

We started on the trip home from Lubbock, and had fog, snow, ice, rain and sun on the way back. We hit every type of weather, it was crazy! Here's the West Texas landscape when it's icy and foggy:

This is an inch of ice that built up on the side mirror while driving. I'm telling you, it was cold!

When we got in that night, all we wanted was to eat and veg. The end. So we unpacked the Jeep (Petey Pab) and rambled on down to our local Rock Bottom Brewery, sidled up to this sweet bar:

...and ordered up a glass of beer. Well, Nate did actually...I just wasn't in the mood, but I DID have a sip of the stout he ordered!

We decided to split some food, and started off with edamame. This stuff was great! They tossed theirs in a little olive oil, salt + pepper, and served it with a side of soy sauce:

Then we got the Fab 5 pizza - sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, red peppers, onions = health food. Great way to start off the New Year!

Honestly, we just crashed and burned as soon as we got home. We've had BIG PLANS to clean the house and start fresh, but it just hasn't happened yet. There should be some law against doing stuff immediately after you get back from vacation!

Sunday morning I was all packed up and ready to go to church, and my car wouldn't start. Neat-o. SOOOO I called my friend Amy, and while waiting for her to come rescue me, I made this little number:

It's hashbrowns and scrambled egg whites with Julio's one of my new Anthropologie bowls! Nate...err, Santa, knew what he was doing ;)

After church we went to Chipotle and split a steak burrito. SIDE NOTE: Chipotle Tabasco = the best ever. Period.

Sunday afternoon we (drum roll) BOUGHT A NEW TV!!! Turns out Costco has great deals on fancy electronics, so we hit that up. Turns out buying a new TV is a prodctivity killer. Who knew?

While Nate set up the TV downstairs, I made some (see also: warmed up some frozen) garlic cheese toast. I'm convinced heaven will be laden with garlic cheese toast and creme brulee. I'm just sayin' is all!

We also did a massive grocery-shopping binge at Walmart, AND ate dinner at the Subway inside. We split a chicken breast sandwich on 9-Grain bread with provolone, spinach, lettuce, onions, olives (for me), tomatoes, and Honey Mustard. Hit the spot!

When we got home, I decided I was still hungry, so I russled up some brussel sprouts:

Keira was there in case I dropped know, just in case...

I ate about half of the batch and saved the rest for lunch today. I LOVE the burned parts...nom nom nom!

Finished the night off with a Pomegranate apple sauce. Honestly, it's not that great, but it's no sugar added, so I figured why not? Live a little, right? :)

Today on my lunch break I ran 3 miles, which I was stoked about since I hadn't been working out in altitude for a while. I was a little scared, but ended up making it the whole way. WOOHOO! Now all I gotta do is find some time to do what Jenna's doing with her yoga studio and I'll be set!

I took pictures, and might be posting them later, but breakfast was the usual oats de Kath, and lunch was the rest of the brussel sprouts, an almond butter and jelly sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and I'm now consuming a heavenly Pink Lady apple for a snacker. Dinner tonight is going to be Roasted Shrimp and Orzo Salad...get ready for the recipe!

I know I've been talking about a "story" that I'm writing, and haven't delivered. Tonight is the night that I will share what I'm talking about with that phrase, so make sure you come back so I can be held accountable!

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  1. I left you some blog love. :)

    Love, love, love the brussels sprouts - the burned part is the BEST part!