Thursday, January 7, 2010

Football + Beer = LUV

Still maintaining the "Roll Tide" mantra :)

Tonight is also baking night for Friday Treats at work! I'm making Marbled Brownies and Pineapple Gooey Butter Cake...word!

I'm about to sit down and enjoy this AH-mazing beer and watch the rest of the game:

It reminds me of summer and hanging out, smoking meat, and hot-tubbing with our friends Robbie + Stefanie. :) I love doing those things during the summer! It was nice to be reminded of summertime tonight, especially because it's 3 WHOLE DEGREES!!! That's right, single-digit 3. Brrrrrr...

As an "appetizer" (see also: dinner was taking a long-ass time to cook), I used the rest of our bread from the buschetta last night to make cacio e pepe bread - basically bread with lots of parmesan (or romano) cheese and lots of black pepper. SOOO good, kinda spicy, and nice and salty from the cheese!

Dinner tonight was Beef Stew. I was planning on making the chili recipe I found on Pretty By the Bay today (which, but the way, sounds amazing), but I just didn't have the stuff I needed to make it :( This turned out really well though! Even Nate liked it, and he's usually not the biggest fan of soups or stews!

The recipe is this one by Paula Deen; here are the changes I made:
  1. used 1/2 of the meat
  2. browned the meat, removed it, cooked the veggies, added it back
  3. simmered for 20 minutes
  4. followed the corn starch instructions and let it simmer for about 4 minutes before serving.
'Twas divine...just the right amount of salt and flava!

And finally, today I got my letter from my pen pal in France, Jackie! I was so so SO excited to finally see this...she sent it to my parent's house in Lubbock, but it didn't arrive til a couple of hours after we left! My parents forwarded it here, and I was so thankful to get it today. PLUS, she sent some amazing French chocolate candies...I might have already had 3...oops!

I love nights like this where we can sit back, relax, watch sports and Thursday night TV and just BE. I'll be excited to be going to the mountains tomorrow night, but for now this is just perfecto!

Are you a skier, snowboarder, or a non-snow person in general?


  1. I love that stew!! Oh my I want it now! I used to ski - but now time, money and commitment doesn't allow it :(. Blah.

  2. I've never skied or snowboarded, but I think I would love it. I keep trying to get Matt to make a vacation out of it but he hates skiing, so guess I'll have to find someone else. :)

    That beef stew looks great!

  3. so cool you have a pen-pal!!!!!!!! i like to ski, but have only ben twice. hope to change that really soon, though!