Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Twas a Sweet Tooth Weekend

Hey guys!

So, turns out my major thoughts of checking in over the weekend fell by the wayside when I realized how busy/tired I was. I guess taking a short trip and skiing for about 8 hours will do that to ya!

Turns out the snacker I had of oatmeal on Friday was just right for getting me out to Copper Mountain. We got in around 7(ish), checked in, and drove to the Backcountry Brewery in Frisco. I wasn't in a beer mood that night, but Nate ended getting a Switchback Amber to start off with:

I ended up ordering (I tried to find the healthiest thing possible) the Southwest Mango Chicken with mashed garlic potatoes and steamed veggies. Everything looked so great though, it was hard to decide!

It's a good thing I tried to go healthy, too, because we also got some 'tator skins that were deliciously drowning in cheese, bacon, sour cream, and green onions:

And a little photo op of my dinnah:

This is a very travel-worn photo of me, happy to finally have made it!

And now we enter the time I didn't take any pictures (oops), which was most of the day Saturday. Basically for breakfast I had biscuits and gravy, a small side of house potatoes, and 1 scrambled egg from a local breakfast joint. Then, on our friend Kraig's suggestion (we skied with him, his beautiful wife Amanda, and her cousin Brian most of the day) we ate at a hot dog joint with a killer deal of 2 dogs and a drink for $5.

[Side note: I L-O-V-E hot dogs...always have, always will. Like I've said before, I took an entire course on meat in college, and it doesn't bother me a bit about the "mystery meat" rumors...they're still pretty darn wonderful!]

So, a little tip, when you ski (or do any physical activity) you should always ALWAYS stay hydrated. I was incredibly smart and didn't (sarcasm) do this on Saturday, which resulted in me getting light headed and incredibly emo on the ride home. Not a good idea; always drink your water!

Upon leaving Copper Mountain, Nate had a Clif Bar (Banana Nut), and I had the Key Lime Pie Larabar. it was amazing! I probably won't eat it every time, but the mix of flavors was perfect!
When we got back to the Denver area, we shared a small Hawaiian pizza at Old Chicago (Canadian bacon, pineapple, red peppers, green onions):

And promptly picked up the puppers at our friend Amy's house and crashed the second we got home.

I made the same thing for breakfast that I did last Sunday, but added about a cup of spinach into the mix as well. Nate decided to give it rabbit ears for the camera:

And for some reason on the way to church I decided that the ONLY thing I wanted in my life right at that moment was a baby cup of ice cream. Turns out that not every grocery store carries those, so I settled for a Reese's egg. It was definitely nice to have a little something sweet, and thankfully it carried me through church (in regards to my sweet tooth).

Afterwards we all went and ate at a little Irish tavern close the school we have church at. Nate and I split a burger with cheddar and a couple fries; I took the entire pickle though. YUM.

But once I got back in the car I started craving something sweet again! Lemon Larabar to the rescue! Yet another fantastic flavor with TONS of lemon, which I was wild about. I devoured it in about 2 minutes.

We also went to the mall this afternoon. For Christmas, Nate gave me a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods, and I figured today was just as good a time as any to hit up the mall and use the card! Nate, being the chocolate chip cookie fiend that he is, convinced me to stop and get a cookie at the Mrs. Field's shop. I might have gotten a fresh from the oven chewy chocolate cookie (teehee).

We finally made it to Dick's, and GUESS WHAT? I found an awesome pair of running shoes for $35! AND a sweet pair of North Face shorts for $10! We celebrated with a California roll and a spicy tuna roll from the food court...not my fave sushi, but it got the job done nonetheless!

We ended the sweet tooth weekend by sharing a small hot fudge sundae from the Texas stop sign (aka Dairy Queen). SOOO good, and it felt even better to share it with my sweetie!

Tonight we rented Julie and Julia, which is something that I've seen before. However, my takeaway this time around was a little different. It really made me think about the WHY behind me writing this blog.
  • Is it for fame and fortune?
  • Social status?
  • Gaining a book deal at some point?
  • Or simply just writing to do something different than what I do at my day job?
Honestly, it's a little bit of all of those; however, this is something that, like exercise, I am doing for myself as a means of expression. People might read this, and they might or might not care, but at the end of the day, when I click that "Publish Post" button, I am doing it as a means of expressing the person I am, and hopefully tracking the person I am becoming.

If you read this, I am so thankful to have you see a snapshot of my life through my words. For so long, like Jessica, I stopped writing because at the time I didn't know how it set me free. I didn't realize that writing is almost a primal need in my life, and a lot of the frustrations I deal with tend to melt away when I write these words for anyone who will read them. Whether it's an illusion that anyone actually cares about what I say or not, writing about my life shows me that I care, which is more than I can say about myself from before I took on the project of food blogging. That in and of itself is enough of a reason to keep forging ahead!

And so, with this post in mind, I pose two more serious questions that I really would love to hear the answer to: Why do you really choose to blog? What is your goal in writing your every thought for the world to read?


  1. Great pictures of you! You are one pretty lady!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself while out of town. I hate reading about vacations where the writer didn't allow themselves to eat anything fun.

    I blog to show people what a Celiac (well, THIS Celiac) eats - life continues after the diagnosis, just in a different way. Great question!

  2. You have really great pictures. I blog because I spend a lot of time working but I've always had a passion for health and fitness and have always enjoyed writing, and blogging is the perfect creative outlet and hobby for me. Keep it up!

  3. i blog for many reasons. first, it was a total "mommy blog", sharing funny stories and pictures/videos, milestones with family. now it has become more. no specific purpose except for to share my life with those who want to know. i hope to share not only about my family, but my growth and about what God does in my life each and every day!