Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broken Knee


Hope y'all had a great day today! I'm still in that weird coming-back-from-vacation limbo at work where I'm slammed and trying my hardest to catch up, but still thinking like I don't have anything to do! Apparently I need to change that...

Lunch today was leftover Roasted Shrimp + Orzo Salad...in a mug:And my super-sweet husband brought me some coffee mid-day:

Now, today on my run my knee broke. OK, not literally, but it hurt so bad after a mile that I felt like I was going to fall and I had to walk back to the office :( NOT FUN. It's kind of in the back of my knee and wraps around the sides...so weird. Has anyone else ever felt like this?

BUT, on the upside, I took some great advice and went to Whole Foods to try some packets of Amazing Grass! AND, I finally found canned pumpkin! I've been looking all over for it, and found some there, so I bought 4 cans :)

I had a Pink Lady apple and about 1 Tbsp of almond butter for a snacker before leaving work. I find that if I have something then, I'm not famished for dinner and won't overeat:

For dinner tonight we had this AH-mazing corn chowder I found on WeeklyBite! It was heavenly :) I didn't make it with half and half, though, and added about 1/4 cup of potato flakes instead to make it thick. SOOOO good! Thanks Estela for the great recipe!

And, since we (especially Nate) usually want something actually bite into, we had pita pizzas with store-bought pesto, spinach, grilled chicken, baby portobello mushrooms, and roasted red peppers!


And altogether now!
Dessert was the last of our Honolulu Cookie Company cookies :( They're so good, but there's no way they can be good for you! Thank goodness they're only about 2 inches tall :)

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary! I can't believe it's only been 3 years (in a good way)! I get excited thinking about us having children together one day and growing old together...guess that means the spark's still there, eh? We're celebrating this weekend by going to Copper Mountain and going skiing, then hitting up a restaurant in the mountains (not sure which one) to try and beat the traffic home on Saturday! It's so nice to live in the mountains, although I will admit my dream is to one day live somewhere where I can get to a beach in 10 minutes or less (or just live ON the beach :)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


  1. First of all, Happy Anniversary! I found your blog through Estela and i'm glad I did. Those pita pizzas look AMAZING! I, too, LOVE to ski! I've been skiing since I was three- have a wonderful time and I hope that your knee feels better soon. :)

  2. dinner looked yummy!

    i'd probably live in S. Carolina. Close enough to family, and has the mountains and the beach! Plus, we can be around southerners again! ;)