Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Hello hello!

I love the line from the Jack Johnson song "Dreams be Dreams"...I think it's such a great reminder of how are lives are too short to only let our dreams be dreams.

As promised, I recorded most of what I ate last night at CiCi's. I started off with a plateful of salad with carrots, onions, and fat free Italian:

And I had these three slices of pizza (bbq chicken, mushroom alfredo, and pepperoni), plus a cheese piece and 2 cinnamon rolls. Heathy? Nah. But is was so fun to hang out with Ken, Leeann, and Allie and just enjoy cheap pizza together :)

Last night Nate and I had a cleaning frenzy and took down all of our Christmas decorations in preparation for our community group coming over tonight. I was pretty tired, but it was so nice to wake up this morning and see a clean floor and new furniture arrangement :)

I got up this morning and did ~20 minutes of the Namaste Yoga show on FitTV (I say 20 minutes since they have commercials) and did crunches and Supermans during the commerical breaks. Not too shabby, and I really love doing yoga in the AM since I'm pretty tight when I wake up.

I was totally planning on having some oats this morning, and I was super excited because I found these bad boys at WF the other day:

They have more fiber per serving than regular rolled oats! Unfortunately I took too long getting dressed and had to sprint out the door, so no oats today :( Maybe tomorrow for the drive to Winter Park?

I did, however, make a mean bowl of pumpkin yogurt with dried cranberries, pecans, and honey-toasted oats:

In the mix there's about 1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt, 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1 packet Truvia, 1 tsp cinnamon, and about 1/8 cup each of dried cranberries, honey-toasted oats (recipe to come), and pecans. As I'm sure you've heard before, I mmmmmmm'ed my way through the bowl!

It turned out to be the perfect amount! Nate and I have been reading a book lately where you're required to talk about your dreams. The funny thing is, it's so hard to actually formulate a dream sometimes, especially when all we focus on sometimes is the day-to-day. I've been thinking that my dreams include traveling the world, writing and cooking, and sharing a joyful life with others. I feel like those are so ambiguous sometimes, but it's been a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing when we consider the rest of our lives!

I've asked this before, maybe a little differently: If money was not an option, what would you do? What in this world excites you?


  1. I'd stay home with Lucy and do a little side job as a nutritionist or a chef or something :) And I'd live in Kauai :-P

  2. I would go on back to back to back to back vacations and find some kind of charity organization in each place to volunteer with! Oh if only I could do that...

  3. If money was no option, I would have come to college for creative writing and spent my life attempting to be a fiction novelist. But I'm too scared to put myself out there like that, and I DO love children and education, so i'm being a teacher in the hopes that all of the time off can be utilized for writing.

  4. Oh my gosh, i haven't had chicken in 7 months and I'm salvating over the thought of BBQ chicken pizza. That used to be my favorite. And cinn rolls? Forget about it. Glad you had a good time and could let loose eating wise.

  5. oh man! "sideofsneakers" stole mine! ;) i'd love to travel the world and do mission work in all the different places we visit!