Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Park

Hey guys!

I’m writing tonight from gorgeous Winter Park, Colorado!

This is seriously the most beautiful ski mountain I’ve ever been to, although I hear that Vail is pretty nice too!

SOOO last night for dinner with our community group we made grilled chicken sandwiches/black bean burgers with edamame, a veggie tray from the grocery store, and some roasted tomato salsa and chips brought by our friend Stephanie! Such a wonderful spread, and actually pretty darn healthy if I do say so myself! I totally forgot to do pictures because I was rushing around cooking, but I did get a photo of my black bean burger before I completely scarfed it!

Once everyone left, we finished a ton of laundry and packed up. Got to bed a bit late, but at that point we just had to get stuff done.

Breakfast this morning is an unpictured Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s (yep, you read that correctly). I’m not a fan of McDonald’s, but we were running so late and that was about the only option between us and Winter Park. Oh well!

When we got in town we had to wait until opening to get a parking pass, so to pass about 30 minutes or so we walked around Winter Park Village and took pictures of fun things!

This is a fantastic coffee shop...and coffee roaster! I would highly recommend checking them out :)

In the middle of the village there was a fake wood-real fire thingy going on (wouldn't mind one of those in the backyard!):

A fun, colorful sign:

And these awesome xylophones that are just in the middle of the square! We played on them for a few minutes and then quit because we didn't want to be those people :)

Fun sunflower made out of metal:

And I obviously needed my picture taken with this moose. Guess we couldn't hide that we really are those people at heart! Super cheesy :)

We got the parking pass and hit the ground running (we’re here for work, not play), and after the first round of races we grabbed some lunch at Doc’s Roadhouse.

I got half a Caesar wrap and tomato soup…didn’t realize it came with fries! If I’d known that I would have ordered a straight salad. Why, you ask? Well, because I ate the entire plate of food and felt completely guilty afterwards. I feel much better after we hiked around in the snow for 3 hours, but at the time I was so upset with myself.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up, but I had been so proud of my progress with portion control and efforts to healthy things and I just feel like I totally and completely failed today.

Now we’re back in our room and working on sharing a work laptop for…you guessed it…WORK! Should be a restful night because we’ll be getting started early again in the morning!

I’ve read this page from Caitlin’s blog on Fat Talk and defining our emotions when eating. It’s been hard but really helpful in my ability to talk to Nate about the way I feel physically and emotionally in relation to food.

Question: Do you ever feel guilty about what you eat? How has that effected the way you view eating and exercise?

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  1. Oh I feel guilty all the time and about stupid stuff too. I tend to get an "eff-it" attitude and once 1 "bad" thing goes down 10 more follow it. It is NOT healthy and I'm working on it :)