Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green Monster Tuesday

Morning y'all!

I was so honored last night to find out I received the Beautiful Blogger award from the Dallas Celiac. It's hard to be striving so hard to have a voice in a world with over 120 million blogs (that was the last number I heard), and I was so thankful to get this from such a beautiful and strong woman! Thanks girl!

Here are some beautiful bloggers in my life. I'm so thankful for their silent support in living a healthy lifestyle, and their posts always get me excited about life :)

Lauren at Louisiana Grown
Estela at The Weekly Bite
Ashley at The Edible Perspective
Rebecca at Rocky Mountain Highlights
The Vintage Mixer, aka SLCFoodie
Kailey at Peanut Butter Bliss
Hilary at Nutrition Nut on the Run

Today I decided that a) we are almost out of oatmeal, and b) I'm kinda tired of oats, and c) Nate got me a blender for Christmas, it was about time I make a smoothie! I've been reading about Green Monsters on everyone's blogs for a while now, and figured it was about time to try one myself (or what I think a GM is)!

In the mix I had 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup pineapple, 1 cup strawberries (frozen), and 2 large handfuls of baby spinach. I added maybe 2 Tbsp of milk extra to get the consistency I wanted:

I was pretty scared for the first sip! But it was delicious, and I really enjoyed the fresh aftertaste the spinach provided, too. I'll be making it again tomorrow, but maybe tweaking it to add some different flavors to it!

Also, I've been reading a lot of blogs talking about Amazing Grass. I'm kind of scared to try it because it seems pretty pricey, and I'd hate to spend money on something if I wasn't sure I'd really like it. Does anyone out there know how to get just a packet of it for a sample?

Snacky-snack is going to be yet another Pink Lady apple, probably with some almond buttah, after my run today. Can't wait! I love it when you look forward to food :)

Could really use some coffee about now, but I'm not sure what to get before I go run. I'm planning on running a little further today (yesterday I did 3 miles) before it SNOWS tomorrow! Gotta look fine for the anniversary ;)

What's your favorite type of coffee drink?


  1. THANK SO MUCH for the award! it's my first!!!!! :) it means a lot, heather.

    i thought i'd give you my recipe for the green smoothies i've been making for the boys for years. (it's the only way to get cooper to eat veggies!)

    i use:
    strawberries/blueberries/blackberries/raspberries (sometimes some of them, sometimes all), yogurt, a smidgen of V8 Fusion (fruit & veggie juice), a banana, carrots (you have to have a good blender for these bad boys), baby spinach, and flax seed oil. it's delicioso!!!!!!! and oh, so healthy!!

    also, my favorite coffee drink is a vanilla latte. actually, since you worked at starbucks - i'll be more precise. it's a grande, nonfat, 2 pump vanilla latte. ;)

    thanks again!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I'm honored! Floored! Swept off my feet! ALMOST speechless! I'd like to thank my mom, this one nice lady I work with, my friend Amanda, and my cat, Poocifer.

    On a serious note, I always order a Cafe au Lait from Starbucks/CC's. It is literally HALF the price of a latte, and tastes so similar that it's ridiculous. It's my favorite broke-college-girl trick.

  3. Mmm...I really need to give the Green Monster another go. I made one last spring, but I think the consistency was weird and I didn't give it another shot. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your blog, by the way...just stumbled across it!

  4. Whole Foods sells individual packets of Amazing Grass for $1.50 or so - much better than buying a whole tub. Do you have a WF near you?

  5. I do, I just hadn't seen them (haven't looked closely though). I'll see if I can run over there on my lunch :) Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful blogger honor! =D

    Aren't GM great? I can't wait to make another.

    My favorite coffee drink is a soy latte by far!

    ~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

  7. Hey, you can get a packet at whole foods. I think its a buck or two for one serving. I too am terrified of buying the stuff since it's so expensive. I feel like it's going to be grainy and weird but peeps seem to swear by it. If you end up giving it a try. please let me know!

  8. I'm blushing and honored at your kind award! Much thanks to you!!

    I love your blog and feel connected to you in a special way since you are a lubbockite :) We also share the same taste buds it seems because I'm loving all of your food selections!