Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roll Tide!

Well guys, the Crimson Tide is a few hours closer to a National Championship! (I hope anyways...sorry to all my UT friends, but I did coursework at Alabama)!

So as part of my Christmas/anniversary gift, Nate got me a new pair of ski goggles! Check 'em out:

They even got a little bling on the sides:

I couldn't be more excited...last year was my first year to ski EVER (yes it's true...I got a job at a ski apparel company before I ever learned how to ski :), and we just tried to use whatever older things Nate had from skiing many moons ago. The goggles I was skiing with were men's and a little too large for my face, which let a lot of cold air in on the mountain. Now I'll be skiing in style and in comfort!

Since I left all of our leftovers from last night's dinner (gosh darnit!!!) at home this morning, I had about 3/4 of a cup of corn chowder and a sandwich thin with roasted red peppers and split a circle of Provolone between the two:

It wasn't a lot of food though, and didn't really fill me up, so when Nate ran to Panera he grabbed a half of an Asiago Roast Beef sandwich for me:

I decided to take a walk today on my lunch break, which was very cold, but it was actually not that bad once I got moving! I went about 4 miles and got to stop by the grocery store to pick up a couple things for Friday treats. While I was there, I found a HUGE selection of Larabar flavors! A while ago I was reading through Carrot N Cake, and found where Tina reviewed all of the Larabars, so I picked up a couple that she said she liked. Today's was Coconut Cream Pie:

Now, I love me some coconut, but this was a little sweet for my liking and didn't have a TON of coconut flavor like I had hoped. I also got the Key Lime Pie and Lemon, and am pretty stoked to try them tomorrow!

On the menu tonight is Beef Stew (I'll post the recipe a little later) with garlic bread (say yes to bread!!!). Then we'll be settling down to watch the NCAA National Championship game and cheer for the Crimson Tide all evening long. Oh yeah, I might also do some weight training :)

What are your favorite football-watching foods?


  1. Snazzy goggles!! My favorite football food is nachos!! I used to make them on Sundays all the time. (But since my husband watches football 8 days a week, I thought I'd get tired of the them haha)

  2. roll tide? come on, heather!!!!!!!!! i thought we were friends. :(