Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Good mawnin' :)

Hope y'alls Saturdays were great...I know mine was filled with work (both at the office and here), but still a lot of fun.

When we left the office yesterday we realized we needed to get dog food since both were almost out! I think it's important to feed dogs, right? Anyway, we stopped by Petsmart and got their food and some toys (that, by the way, only lasted 3 minutes tops in the mouths of my ferocious beasts!), and then headed to Costco. Why Costco, you ask? Simple - they usually have better deals on dog biscuits than anywhere else. Oh, and I guess the samples. But obviously we went strictly for the dog biscuits (wink)!

At Costco we found a $$ GREAT DEAL $$ on Bully Sticks! These are dried bull muscle (appetizing), and are normally outrageously expensive, but Costco had a bag of 12 for $10. KILLER DEAL. So we got those for the puppers:

We vowed to only use them for occasions when people come over and our dogs are being outrageously annoying, so they haven't had one yet. But they will...oooooh, they will.

I got to work on the medical notes I do on the side, and Nate ended up re-watching Duplicity. I worked on those for about 2 hours, and then Nate let me know that he was making dinner. He kept is simple with a pita pizza with chicken and fresh mozzarella:

He put a little flour on them so they'd resemble "real" pizzeria pizza - apparently that's something he really like about those! Guess you still learn things about one another even after 3 years of marriage, eh? :)

We went and saw Sherlock Holmes at the theater (where we shared some popcorn...don't judge) and it was AWESOME!!! Truly a great movie...not too violent for me, but more than enough action for him. Plus, it has Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law. I mean come on, it's good for girls too! :)

When we got home I finished my notes and we promptly jumped in bed! This morning I did NOT want to get up, but was able to lure myself to a standing position with the promise of one of these guys:

It's the hazelnut candy my pen pal, Jackie, in France sent me! SOOOOOOO terrific, and it totally hit the spot. I also made a bowl of pumpkin oats with peanut buttah:

In the mix: 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 Tbsp cranberries, 1 banana, 1 Tbsp flax, 1 packet Truvia, 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1 Tbsp peanut butter. SO GOOD. I really think I love peanut butter way more than almond butter; however, if left alone I would eat a whole thing of PB, so I stick with AB as a means of portion control. Weird?

Today I'll be collaborating with my husband the photographer and one of our friends on (hopefully!!!) getting the new blog up and running. It won't be perfected (I'll still have to sort through the restaurants and blogroll), but the sooner I can start posting on it, the better.

If you've switched your blog (i.e. Blogger to Wordpress), do you have any tips to throw my way? And if not, any tricks you've learned from your own blogging format?


  1. Hey girl! I love pnut butter much more than almond butter!! Except I really like AB on carrots + a few other things more than pnut. But on oats, there is no creamy comparison :) I made pumpkin oats this AM too but with 2 egg whites for extra were they DEElish. In October I switched from blogspot to wordpress. There are pros + cons to both. Are you using windows live writer? If not, you must! I am using wordpress. I found they have MANY more templates to choose from [for free]. It was kind of hard to get used to at first. I couldn't find where the change wasn't as user friendly. However, I feel like blogspot has some really big issues as well. I think I definitely like wordpress more, now that I am used to it. I did like blogspots widgets more though..but that is minor and I probably just haven't searched for them enough on WP. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. I like peanut butter a lot more than almond butter, too. Most of blogworld is obsessed with Barney Butter but I'm not a huge fan. I do like that it comes in portion-controlled 90 calorie packets, though, so I keep some around for times I need to take it with me.

    I use wordpress with Windows Live Writer. I'm happy enough with it.

  3. I'm no help with the blog changing, sorry.

    That's a good idea about the dogs, give them something specialwhen people come over. I need to find something for that. Bull muscle sounds really gross though :)

  4. ah kinder! is great!

    great blog
    -The Paris Food Blague

  5. Good luck with the blog format change, but I'm no help. I don't know the first thing about that stuff, sorry!

    Now, then, moving on to more important things: THERE IS A SHERLOCK HOLMES MOVIE, SAY WHAT?!

    Obviously, I am not as "still connected to the world" post-baby as I thought. I love love love Sherlock Holmes! I am clearly going to have to coerce a grandparent or two into babysitting the young 'un sometime =)

    Sarah @

  6. wish i had some tips/tricks for you. blogger has been good to me except for the occasional comment I hear from people sayinf they had a hard time leaving a comment. (bummer, i know.) i like how on wordpress you don't have to have a login & password to leave a comment.