Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweaty Chili

Hey guys! Hope your Monday is treating you well :)

I have been so excited lately to be reading about Caitlin and Meghann's success with the Disney Marathon this weekend! I've been inspired by them to start "training" for something...not sure what just yet, but it can't hurt to have a goal at some point, right?

This morning I had one of Tina's oatmeal pancakes:

I might have made a huge mess...oops :) Sometimes I overestimate how dry this Colorado air is and I made the batter a little runny. It was still heavenly though with about 1 tsp of Smart butter and a drizzle of maple!

I snacked on one of the clementines during was kinda dry, but still very sweet. I think I might save the apple and other clem for tomorrow:

Lunch was some frozen chili (working on finding that recipe again!) that I pulled out of the freezer. I totally forgot that I made this batch SUPER SPICAAAAAAAAAY and was slightly sweating while I ate it. That's when you know it's good!

Finally, around 3 I went on a jog/walk (mostly jogging though) in my new shoes. Guys, these things fit like a glove AND they were only $35! God was surely smiling down at me in Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday :)

I went around 5.5 miles on the path, and it was really nice and relaxing. I stopped for about 5 minutes and did a quick ab workout on a bench, then ran the rest of the way to the office. Tomorrow's supposed to be around 60 and I am so pumped to be able to run in a T-shirt again finally!

As a side note, I've also decided to start writing more about my workouts on here. I talk about food all the time, and my quarter-life crisis, but exercise is a very important part of who I am. I am, after all, a certified personal trainer, so I might as well throw up some info every now and then too!

Dinner with Ken and Leeann CiCi's! Now, I know that a pizza buffet might not be the most nutritionally sound, but I fully intend on behaving myself and recording every piece that goes in my mouth to increase my self control. Y'all send good food-eating thoughts my way :)

Are you a runner? If so, do you compete in races or not so much? Why or why not?


  1. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! You got such an awesome deal on sneakers! DSW sometimes has really great deals on sneakers too.

    I don't know if I'd consider myself a runner - while I do incorporate treadmill and Central Park runs into my workout routine, I focus more on group exercise classes like spinning and rebounding because too much running hurts my knees. Great question!

  2. Do you recommend Tina's pancakes? I want to make them, but I don't have liquid egg whites. Yes, I am a runner and yes I do participate in races a few times each year.

    - Nutrition Nut on the Run

  3. Just started to get back into running myself after about 4 yrs off....anyway, not easy! I read Caitlin's blog too and it's really inspiring. Best of luck to you! Aloha!

  4. Your oatmeal pancakes look great! I always make a huge mess in the kitchen. I do a couple races because they're fun and a good way to push yourself, but not a ton because those race fees add up! I like picking one or two big ones and using them as a goal/motivation.

  5. I saw those pancakes on Tina's site too. They look delicious!

    Yep, I run. I've done 5k's and a 10k. This year I'm planning more 5 and 10k's plus my first half!