Thursday, January 14, 2010

Altitude Sickness

Hi there :)

Soooooo...I think that I might have some altitude sickness :( Probably onset by the ONE margarita I had last night! I mean, I know I'm a lightweight, and one is always enough, but I have not been 100% today at all. I did one run with Nate after the first set of races and then came inside. BLAH.

However, we did have a fantastic breakfast this morning at Goody's here in Winter Park:

As soon as we walked in and I saw these massive jars of candy, I knew we were in the right place :)

The decor was so fun and this big "moose" head with ornaments:

They also had some AH-mazing caramel apples...I so wanted one, but turns out 8am isn't really the best time for candy OR caramel apples, according to Nate!

So why did we come here again? Ah, yes...breakfast! They had 2 massive chalkboards full of crepe options, bot sweet and savory:

Even though I wanted one of each, it was probably more cost effective for each of us to get one - which we did!

Some more mish-mash decor...

And now THE MAKING OF THE CREPES! The guy who made them was awesome, rocking some dreads and baggy jeans, something Nate and I have become accustomed to here in Colorado :)

Such a cool technique...I'd love to have a round griddle! I'd make crepes all day long! OK OK, that might not be a good thing, but it would be a very tasty one!

These are some marshmallow skewers that Goody's lends out with their s'mores kits. There's a huge open fire right in front of the shop, so you can imagine there are quite a few s'mores being made during the winter out there!

Here's one of the kits:

But they have an entire tower of them with all kinds of chocolate candies and marshmallows!

Yet again, the cool decor. I really like this clock set-up with Local time, Bejing time, and London time!

Finally, our crepes were ready!

Nate's was pizza-flavored with marinara, pepperoni, onions, and cheese. Mine had turkey sausage, spinach, and mushrooms:

They were really good; the only downfall of mine was that the mushrooms were canned and didn't have great texture. Had I known that I would have gotten double spinach or some other veggie. Otherwise, the crepe was excellent!

While we ate I noticed one of these honey things (do they have a specific name?):

Definitely a great place to eat! Plus, it's super close to the main lift at Winter Park, and about 100 yards from the front of the hotel we stayed in. Goody's is a winner in my book!

As I said before, I think that I had a little altitude sickness, which has rendered me very lethargic :( I stopped skiing and went and changed into my boots while Nate took 2 more runs before the next round of races. Once the boots were on, I stopped at the lodge and got a bottle of water and some Odwalla bars:

I had the Berries GoMega before, and knew I liked it because of the dried strawberries. I got the chocolate one for Nate since it had chocolate chips on the wrapper! Honestly, his wasn't great, but he enjoyed it. The list of ingredients on these is super long, so they're not something I would get very often, but it was the healthiest thing I could find at the snack bar :)

Thanks so much for y'alls feedback! I am switching to a Wordpress account, so it will definitely be easier to enter comments and your URLs. I told Nate that I wanted it up by Sunday, so we are working on that in the car tonight!

If you have any input or feedback for things you want to see on my new blog (coming Sunday night), please feel free to leave a comment or, if you can't, feel free to email me at


  1. Wordpress is great.

    That place is very cute. I've never been into Crepes. I don't know why, I just don't like the idea-isn't that weird?

  2. Love crepes! I would like to go Goody's and have one right now :) Looks like you are having a great trip!

  3. Ooh I love love love crepes! Looks like you are having fun, enjoy!

  4. What fun pics today!! Mmm...crepes :)

  5. Just found your blog, and I can't wait to keep reading! Those crepes look to die for!

  6. Yikes, sorry about the altitude sickness!

    I think the honey things are just called honey dippers but I might be wrong. We used to have one but I found them to be very messy to use.

  7. that place looks adorable and so so comfy. candy bins can win my heart over any day.p.s. you take great photos.